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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Slovakia - work with book Danka and Janka

We read our book Danka and Janka with children during the month of March. We wrote gradually a breviate of individual stories in workbooks. Students prepared the content of story,. We tried from our book, which has 85 pages write only the essentials. I added the space Twinspace presentation throughout the book - the original. But it is very long, so children are preparing for you the abridged version. They paint illustrations to their individual stories. They rewrite contest of tales in Word to their computers. Children learn to work with Power Point, so they will prepare for their presentation.

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Nelly said...

Your book is very long and you'll have much harder work to tell us the story about Danka and Janka. But we're looking forward to hear about the adventures of those twins. They seem funny :D