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Monday, April 26, 2010

Fantastic message!

She wrote to us Krystyna Drzewiecka - the author of our book.

Recently we sent a letter to Krystyna Drzewiecka - an author of our book "Five from Zakątek Street" and we asked for an autograph. Do not wait long for an answer. She wrote back, that she's very glad that we chose her book, sent us an autograph and she gave us a picture of Bobik - the real dog, who is one of characters from the book.

Ms Drzewiecka sends warm greetings to all project participants.


Nelly said...

How wondeful!!!

And Bobik is so lovely. I have a girl dog Kimi who looks almost the same as Bobik. Dogs are great :)

Unfortunately our writer Ela Peroci died in 2001, but maybe we can write to Mrs. Ančka Gošnik Godec, the illustrator ...

IVANA said...

So we see one of the main characters - it's perfect!

Nelly said...

You got it, Ivana :D :D :D


Heavenly did your teacher took that pich;l