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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today we got to know the next two books. We chose completely different stories from the one we "read" yesterday. Today we read an American and a Bolgarian book.

Like always we searched for some basic information about the country and coloured the flag again.

And then we enjoyed listening to the story.

We definately agreed with the Paper bag Princess who left prince Ronald. After such hard rescueing she deserved much better husband. Clever girl!

The Bulgarian flowers on our wall helped us to colour the Bulgarian flag correctly.

Watching slides was sooo interesting. We coloured the gloves on an illustration of the front cover of the book in a way we'd like our gloves to look like. Some of us thought they knew the story but the ending got us unprepared.

We certainly didn't like the ending. If grandfather needed food or fur, he could only kill one big animal and let others go.
We're so looking forward for next books ... :D

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IVANA - Slovakia said...

We sometimes have problem with the technique too.