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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reading marathon

City Library organizes interesting events every year in March. Very nice action is the reading marathon. And because we love books and we love reading, we participated in it this year. Together with the royal mentor our city major Vladimír Kostilník welcomed us to it. All students read one book - everyone read half of the page and gave the book to friend. Every reader has signed to the wall of readers and got a small present. In addition to this activity a surprise was waiting for our pupils in Friday 26.3. They attended the event called A Night with Andersen. Yes, they spent in the library the whole night. And with them were only librarians. Evening walk of courage, a fabulous ball, Cinderella´s searching ..... and many other activities transferred all the children into the world of fairy tales. And night spent in the kingdom of books - it is great!
Maybe we will do that night in our school library too :-))

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Nelly said...

How exciting to be in library by night ... only books and book heroes and maybe some ghosts of dead authors... :D

Great idea!