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Thursday, April 1, 2010


We're happy to anounce we got 3rd Quality Label today :)

Awarded by Slovenija


IVANA said...

I am very happy. Congratulations to Slovenia for the acquisition awards - you deserve it.
Your friends from Slovakia.

Nelly said...

Thank you, Ivana. We did it together.

It's a good day today ;)

Love, Nelly

The Fish, Maine, USA said...

GO SPARKLES!!! Congratulations! We are very, very proud of you!
The Fish

Nelly said...

Thank you, dear Fish. You helped us made it:)

Nelly said...

P.s.: Just to make it clear since today is an April Fools' Day -getting the 3rd Quality Label is NOT a joke.

Happy All Fools' Day anyway :D :D :D

And lots of laughs in the future :)

IVANA said...

Nelly, now is my day more beautiful..... :-)))))))