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Monday, April 12, 2010


Last week we turned ourselves into Slipper Cats and tried to mend some old and ripped slippers. We put some buttons on and other decorations. We used some textile colour and this was it! For most of us it was the first time trying to sew and we think we did a good job.


IVANA said...

You are clever, great idea!

Nelly said...

And you're such a supportive friend, Ivana :-)

Thank you!

Nelly said...

And shouldn't we both go to bed at this hour? :D :D :D

IVANA said...

So, it is true! :-)))))))))

The Fish, Maine, USA said...

The slippers are cute! Do those slippers go over your shoes, or do you take your shoes off and put them on? We liked the shelf where you put your slippers.
We hope you had fun making them.
You make good Slipper Cats!
The Fish

Nelly said...

Thanks :)

We brought school slippers and home slippers to school (you can easily recognise which are which) and we had such fun making them look better. Yes, we always take off the shoes and then put the slippers on. Our shelves were quite eco because today we used them for making something else ;)

Love from us.