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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Five from Zakątek Street" - we are reading into our book.

One of the chapters of the book is about dreams and characters' future plans. We have also talked about it a lot and we present the results.
Students paint using the computer program Paint or simply draw their future plans on a piece of paper. They show their future professions.

The "Great Poles" chapter tells about our national heroes. We decided to introduce you a few great Poles. We created a PowerPoint presentation about that.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. It is also a city where live all the characters of "Five from Zakątek Street". We are preparing presentation about Warsaw. Already we keep showing photos.

Today there was a beautiful reading contest in our school. Stundents from third classes were reading "Five from Zakątek Street".
After reading chosen fragments, we started a test about the matter of the book. Children remembered all details very well.
This is the presentation of today's events.

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Nelly said...

Teresa, you gave me the idea of having a quiz after hearing all the stories about some details ... I think I'll do it and see how well we remembered the stories.

Hugs from Slovenia :)