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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Portuguese cat Maria came to visit Little Bees

We are so happy be introduced to Portuguese cat and her fun story.My little kids ask me first for her name.I had no idea what to answer them and I gave her name Maria-one of most popular name all over the world.We were surprised of her choice to merry for rabbit:-).
Welcome,dear cat!



IVANA - Slovakia said...

I warn you before wolves :-))))

Valentina -Bulgaria said...

:-)))We will keep so far:-)Thank you!

Nelly - Slovenia said...

Love is the strongest thing in the world and has no bounderies ... ;D

Fernanda Cristina Gonçalves said...

Great job, Valentina!
Our she-cat is very beautiful. Your children are wonderfull...
Valentina I need your story too, the images if you don't mind...