We're children from all around the world and we all love books. We're joined by a project, where we discover the world of books and share stories with young readers from other countries. Books made us friends and our plan is to bring some books to life :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


One week left to finish our book ...

After deciding what Slovenian places American princess will visit when being here, we devided into several groups of three and each group made up a story about adventures the princess went through in every place.

Then we illustrated every story and that was it :)

We're looking forward for our teacher to putting everything together and reading it again from the start. And we wonder so much what other book heroes saw when being on the road ...


The Fish, Maine, USA said...

Did our Paper Bag Princess find clothes in Slovenia? You make good dragons!
We can't wait to see your book!
The Fish

Nelly - Slovenia said...

Yes - getting clothes was the first thing for her in our school :) But that's all we can say for now ;)


Anonymous said...

I am a student at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. I love how your students connected with other students from around the world, I bet that was a great experience.