We're children from all around the world and we all love books. We're joined by a project, where we discover the world of books and share stories with young readers from other countries. Books made us friends and our plan is to bring some books to life :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Paper Bag Princess, Maine, USA

We are making puppets, and reading and writing about our book.

We drew dragons and added glitter. Here are our dragons:

We are sorry that our video with our puppets didn't come out properly. Here we will show you our favorite part of the book.


Nelly said...

Dear Fish, we see you were very busy :)

We're sooo looking forward to finally hearing the whole story.

Stay creative!

P.s.: Since we're becoming more more expertised in slippers - don't you wear slippers when being in school?


Hello to the Sparkles!
We have to wear shoes in school. Slippers are not allowed in case we have a fire drill. We think it's interesting that you get to wear slippers - it must be very cozy!

ISKRICE said...

Hello, dear Fish,

we have a fire or earthquake drill once in a couple of years and we leave the school with slippers on. It's most exciting!

It's very practical to wear slippers in school - cosy and clean. We have slippers with rubber sole for safety reasons when having P.E.. We'll send you some photos of them ;)

Love from Slovenia to you and to all other book friends!

Ragna og Rakel said...

Hello my friends,

In Flataskóli we leave our shooes in the shoeshelf and wear our socks or slippers. Not many pupils choose to wear slippers.

I really like your glittery dragon pictures.