We're children from all around the world and we all love books. We're joined by a project, where we discover the world of books and share stories with young readers from other countries. Books made us friends and our plan is to bring some books to life :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Atwood Primary School, Oakland, Maine, USA

Thank you for inviting us to join you in this project!

We put titles in our slideshow, but they didn't show up! So we'll tell you about the slides. The bird is the black-capped chickadee, which is the state bird of Maine. The cats are Maine Coon Cats - we are the only state in the USA to have a state cat. Maine Coons are very big, sweet cats with large furry feet and tufts on their ears. Moose live all over the woods in Maine. Lobstering is hard work, and we have pictures of lobster boats, lobster buoys, lobster traps, and a real Maine lobster. Fall is very beautiful here, as all the trees change colors. Maine is said to be "Where the forest meets the sea." We have great beaches, with VERY cold ocean water! Maine has lots of rocky coastline. Sugarloaf is a place we like to go to ski. Our Olympic skiiers and snowboarders train there. The last picture is of Northern Lights - a natural light show that sometimes happens in our sky in the winter.

We are in First Grade in a small primary school in Oakland, Maine, USA. Oakland is in rural Maine, and there are many lakes near us. Maine is the part of the USA called Northern New England. We usually get lots of snow, and all of us like to ski, snowshoe and snowmobile. Our summers are very short, but they are warm. Maine is famous for wild blueberries, lobster and maple syrup. Maine is a very large state, and it takes 7 hours to drive from the southern part of our state up to the northern part near Canada.

We will be choosing our book soon, and are excited to be a part of Books Make Friends!


Nelly said...

Dear Fish,

it's just wonderful to have you here :) You told us so many interesting facts about your country. Welcome!

IVANA said...

We are pleased that you are with us.

Ragna og Rakel said...

Nice to have you with us.