We're children from all around the world and we all love books. We're joined by a project, where we discover the world of books and share stories with young readers from other countries. Books made us friends and our plan is to bring some books to life :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


What kind of books do children love in Slovenia?
Here is the answer:

We love listening to the stories but it turned out we love most scientific books - books about animals, geography, nature, planes ... Dinosaurs rule!



Hello to The Sparkles from your friends The Fish who are very glad to join in on this project!

Nelly said...

And we're happy too :-))))

hayden,maine,u.s,a, said...

i like the video where you are holding books and i did'nt know your names because i always forget.

Nelly said...

No problem, Hayden :)
Every slide has the name of a child written at its bottom. You just have to read the name very quickly before the next slide shows up ;)
Greetings to you, your family, classmates and your teacher from Slovenia.

IVANA said...

Very nice video with children :-)