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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Danka and Janka visit Iceland

Pupils in first grade in Flataskóli in Iceland went on a trip with Danka and Janka. They showed ther things that were of their intrest. Danka and Janka had a great time in Iceland and liked their visit. Hopefully you will also be able to visit Iceland and experiecne what Danka and Janka did.

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Didn't know there were hot springs in Iceland! What a great tour! It was a most interesting book and nicely done.

Fernanda Cristina Gonçalves said...

Very good.
Nice work.
The important thing in this project is to know the different characteristics of each country.
I would like to go to Iceland because is a different country of Portugal.

Valentina -Bulgaria said...

Dear Ragna,
I like a lot your book and I did it like an e-book.I hope you will be not angry of my decision.