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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Posting from Slovenija ...
English - Slovenian Dictionary:
We have many opportunities to meet books. In school we have Library Thursdays. Every Thursday after lunch we climb many steps to get to our school library.

This door label tells us we got it right:

This is our librarian Lučka, who always kindly helps us to find right books for us.

Our library is very beautiful and bright. It's placed in the school attic.

The shelves are full of interesting books. Total number of them is around 17.000.

And you can always find a cosy and quiet place there to discuss school matters with your school mates (or not exactly school matters ;). We just love being up there!

In the neighbourhood there's another library named after our writer Prežihov Voranc. We visit it with our parents.

This library is much bigger than our school library.

And yet we have another way to find books:

Ljubljana Bibliobus :)

It travels around streets of Ljubljana and places in Ljubljana surroundings offering books to those, who can't make it to the stacionary libraries.

If you can't come to books, the books come to you :)

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